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Our Services

We offer a wide range of services, both commercial and residential, for all your painting, cleaning, protection, surface removal, and building maintenance needs.

Ensuring you get a long-lasting finish to your project.

Commercial Painting

For over 15 years we have been North West Tasmania's leader in commercial painting. With decades of experiece our team have the procedures and systems in place to ensure the job runs smoothly, with little disruption, and is finished within the expected timeframe. Our high quality finish means we work with many of the leaders in the building industry who know and trust our work, including Vos Constructions, Fairbrother's, Stubbs Construction, and Meadcon. No project is too big or too small for our team. With our own equipment including scissor & boom lifts, we have the team, experience, equipment and passion to complete your project, including commerical interior, exterior and roof painting. We take pride in our work as it becomes a billboard for future contracts, which is why we don't rush any step, ensuring every part of the process is carried out accurately, from the prep work, selecting the right materials & tools, right through to the finish & protective coating, so our completed projects have the longevity our customers have come to know and expect. We are the proud major painting contractor for many jobs across the North West Coast of Tasmania, including:

  • Burnie Hospital Expansion
  • Burnie Aquatic Centre
  • Hill St Supermarket Devonport & Latrobe
  • Launceston St Vincents, Oncology & Catheter Departments
  • Devonport TAFE Nursing Unit
  • CMax Cinema Exterior
  • Ulverstone High School Dental Clinic & Classroom Refit
  • Burnie Shiploads
  • Latrobe High School Redevelopment & Expansion

Rendering & Texture Coating

Complete the finish of your building with a stylish & fresh look, delivered through textured coating/rendering. Whether it's a feature wall or the complete exterior, textured coating is a great way to add a stylish finish to your project. We begin all our rendering projects with Dulux AcraTec preparation products to avoid the risk of future cracking & staining, giving these projects longterm style and success. The range consists of surface cleaners, acrylic patching compounds, and primers, as well as acrylic & cement based render products for broad wall rendering or skim coating. When it comes to the texure coating itself, we offer a range of different applications. Texture Coating Trowel On This is a stylish range of high build, granular, 100% pure acrylic texture coatings that are applied by hawk & trowel for a very attractive flat, sand finish. The trowel on range is extremly attractive, tough, and water resistant. Texture Coating Roll On The 950 Roll On range consists of granular and non-granular water based acrylic texture coatins, designed for fast convenient application. This provides protection with style to your masonary projects. It is available in a selection of different finishes, delivering a great choice of decorative finish and overall appeal. 952 Spray On 1mm The 952 Spray On 1mm is applied by a texture spray unit or hopper gun, and is an ideal product choice for large low-lying wall areas. Spray on provides the ability for fast application and consistent texture appearance. This upgrades the total coating system significantly in terms of strength & flexiblity.

High Pressure Cleaning

With our two High Pressure Cleaning units we are able to offer aggresive cleaning and surface removal with up to 4000PSI of hot or cold water. High Pressure Cleaning is a great way to remove dirt, mildew, mould, oil, grease, grime, certain chemicals, and loose paint from a variety of different surfaces. Our skilled operators are trained and know what is required on different surfaces to clean & wash down the area without damaging the surface. With sufficient access, there is no job too big or too small that our team and equipment can't handle. From a pathway laden with dirt and growth, to washing down an enire wharf crane.

Industrial Painting

Our industrial painting services are all about functionality and longevity of your steel work. When it comes to industrial painting our number one priority is protection. With our wide range of industrial painting options, coupled with appropriate surface preparation, we ensure a coating that is capable of resisting corrosion, oxidisation, salt water, and moisture. Depending on your requirements our experts can work with you to determine the right preparation and surface treatment to ensure the protection and longevity of your steel work.

Dry Abrasive Blasting

With over 20 years of experience in abarasive blasting, we know how to get the outcome and desired results you want from our service. With our mobile units, we are able to provide abrasive blasting in a range of specialist areas. Whether you're looking to remove old layers of paint & coatings, or to clean and roughen a surface, our experienced team know how to meet our customers expectations to achieve the desired results. We have continuous ongoing work on the Australian Paper tanks, bridges for the DIER, and wharf facilities for Gunns.

Residential Painting

Paint has an amazing ablility to transform a house & home, and spending money on your home is a safe investment. Not only does it increase the overall value of your home, but it makes the quality of living in it that much better! Come home to a house that feels new and updated, be proud to have guests over, and feel secure knowing your home is a great investment. Perhaps you're a landlord looking to invest in your property and increase it's rental value? Attract tenants who respect your investment by giving them a home they are proud of. At Cambridge Services, we specialise in residential painting, so much so, our team are regularly attending training courses to ensure they are up to date on all the trends and styles of the Painting & Decorating industry. Because we also work on commercial projects, we are equipped to work on two and three story buildings, with our own equipment and scaffolders available at all times. We have the ability and knowledge to work on all projects from interior, exterior and roof painting and ensure the correct, prep work, paint, protective finish, and tools are used for a long lasting & high quality finish. Make your investment one that will last. When you have professionals who know what they are doing, you save yourself the risk of paint peeling, blistering or cracking. Relax knowing your home is in good hands with a team who have the skills and right equipment to give you a high quality finish that will last.

Torbo Wet Blasting

Torbo blasting, a slurry method of abrasive blasting, is how we achieve the same great results from abrasive blasting while reducing dust by 95%. The reduction in dust means we can remove all the contaminates from the surface we are working on while reducing the pollution risk to the environment, which also reduces the risk to workers in the area from air borne particles. Wet abrasivre blasting is far more versatile, efficient, cost-effective and most importantly environmentally friendly. This style of abrasive blasting can be used to clean and profile industrial equipment, as well as all types of boats & ships. It's also very effective at restoring brick work in restoration projects, removal of lead paint, line removal on roads and getting rid of graffiti.

Anti-Slip Commercial Flooring

Make your outdoor surfaces safe with our Anti-Slip Commercial products, ideally suited to carparks, roadways and ramps. The Anti-Slip solution increases grip and reduce slip in high traffic areas, both level and sloped. With a sloped surface we also apply a binding coating that is spread with bauxile granule to ensure true anit-slip properties. When the surfaces become wet or moist, our Anti-Slip solution comes into action to make the surfaces skid and slip resistant. You can select from a variety of different surface textures and colours to suit the environment and your project. Our unique system is quick drying which means the surface is ready for action and can be driven on just 2 hours after the final coat. Ensuring minimal distruption to your area and project.

Maintenance Programs

Having a building painted can be an expensive investment, which is why you want it to last for as long as possible. A good paint job deserves upkeep to ensure it can continue to look as good as new and your investment lasts a lifetime. Tailored to your needs, our programs can perform regular maintenance over a number of years without a full repaint, or you can begin with a full repaint and continue with ongoing maintenance.  Avoid large repair costs or unnecessary repaints by maintaining your building and finding a solution that suits your budget.

Building Maintenance

Maintain your building's excellent condition and appearance with one of our maintenance programs. Tailored to your needs, our ongoing maintenance programs can include, abrasive blasting, high-pressure cleaning, heavy-duty protective coating, graffiti removal, anti-graffiti coating systems, interior paint touch-ups, annual washdowns, window cleaning, and building identification & directional signage. Keep your business looking approachable, neat, and clean by keeping it well maintained. 

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